What to Expect from a Limousine Service

Luxury limoA limousine company offers their clients a limo and a professional driver. The limo is usually rented by the hour, and the final fee will greatly depend on the type of limousine rented, fuel prices in the region, and any additional extras the client may request. This type of service is usually marketed as one of the safest methods to transport young adults to their prom or simply a fun and relaxing way to travel to and from weddings, parties and such. The limousine will feature things such as DVD players, televisions, music systems, tinted windows and mini bar.

The cost of a limousine service varies dramatically from place to place. How many hours the service is needed, the features and capacity, and the distance travelled will greatly affect the final cost. Plus, depending on the region, some drivers will expect a tip of a minimum of 15%, which is mandatory and added to the final bill. If this is indeed mandatory, the client will be expected to pay the additional 15%. Tipping for limo drivers do vary according to region.

A car service does have numerous purposes, but usually they are only used for two reasons, these are the safe transportation for people drinking alcohol and transportation arriving in style for special occasions. In some places, it is common for adults to hire a limo for their teenagers to take them to and from their prom. Plus, limo drivers do not permit smoking inside the vehicle and could refuse alcoholic beverages if the parents request this.

For weddings and other occasions, people choose a limousine service in order for them to arrive and leave in style. Once the wedding is over, the happy couple may want to watch well wishes from family and friends on the limo’s DVD player. For sad occasions, such as funerals, an entire fleet of limousines can be rented. The possibilities for a limo service is endless, sometimes people just hire a limo to ride around town.

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