Tips for First Timers Using a Limo and Car Service

Multi-ethnic friends sitting in limousine

Never Use The Glasses
When hiring a limo and car service, never use the glasses. As crazy as this sounds, try not to use or drink from the glasses. Limo companies aren’t restaurants, so they very rarely clean the glasses; however, if cleaned, it’s usually by the driver using some type of glass cleaner. So be warned.

Provide Stops In Time
When you have a schedule planned that contains several stops, give these addresses ahead of time. This allows the limo driver to find the best routes to all your destinations.

Pick A Leader
When you’re partying with several friends, choose one person who is responsible enough to speak with the driver. The driver has to know where he will be going and how long to wait for. When everyone is too drunk to communicate, it can turn into a bad situation. It’s a great to enjoy oneself, just let the driver know what your plans are.

Hire A Six Pack
If you are going out as couples, rent a 6 pack. This is the right limo for couples, as it comes with bench seats which face on another. It’s very intimate and romantic.

Bring Along DVD’s
If you are planning on a long trip, bring along some DVDs. Most drivers do stock a couple of movies in the limo. But why watch the drivers films, when you can be enjoying your own?

Never Smoke
Never smoke in the vehicle that you are renting. In several states, it’s illegal to smoke inside a limo. Also, most limousine and car service companies usually forbid it. However, if you have to, first ask the driver.

Request A Business Card
Always ask the driver for a business card when you enter the car. It’s very easy to forget, so it’s wise to ask at the start of the trip.

Ask For Alcohol
If you wish for alcohol in a limo, ask for it when you book the reservation. Most limo companies do not offer that option, but some will adhere to this request.

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